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The Technical Assistance System is dedicated to the improvement in the quality of all early childhood programs.  The voluntary system enhances the state’s capacity to effectively support and monitor Early Care and Education programs. Technical Assistance is a multi-level process of a range of on-site assistance which includes guidance, consultation, modeling, and support that strengthens the quality of care provided to infants, toddlers, preschool, and school-age children.


The Center for Child Care Career Development facilitates the certification of persons providing TA to educators of young children.





to submit an application for certification.





The Center also maintains the oversight and management of the certified TA Registry.





for a list of certified TA Providers.





Program Overview

South Carolina is committed to high quality early care and education experiences as a key aspect of an early learning system. The State has long recognized the importance of ongoing professional development for educators of young children. SCDSS currently requires licensed child care providers to complete 15 hours of training annually. Public schools provide professional development for their 4K teachers, as do the federally funded Head Start program. Increased interest in school readiness initiatives has resulted in a need for guidance and support to improve the quality of instruction and learning environments for young children.



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